Specialist Slating

Our tradesmen have many years of experience in the roofing industry.

Coast to Coast Roofing have 13 years of experience between their Sussex-based roofers. We use Welsh, Canadian, Chinese and Spanish slates. Although imported slates may be considerably cheaper, Welsh slates are of a much higher quality, meaning that your roof will be more durable - lasting for up to 150 years.  In keeping with our commitment to saving you money, we also offer artificial slates, made of fibre cement.

Specialist Slating Services in SteyningDue to our belief that the end product should be the best it possibly can be, our slate tiles are graded in thickness, allowing us to give your roof a more professional appearance.  Fortunately, this gives us the ability to offer you the high quality finish without compromising on your budget.

Our roofing materials are the best we can find, so even if you decide that slate roof tiles aren't for you we have a number of alternatives, for example cedar shingles, usually used for summer houses and stables, or felt roofing, which can be more appropriate for roofs with a lower gradient. Whatever the style of your property, we have roofing solutions for you.

We are able to offer Horsham Stone as an option, and are fully trained to carry out the job, whereas less experienced roofers may confuse the two different installation methods, single lap and double lap. If the job is not carried out correctly this can lead to leaks in your roof, so don't take the risk and contact us for your Horsham Stone roof tiles.