Horsham Stone

Horsham Stone Roofing - 07871 747050Horsham Stone comes from just outside the West Sussex town of Horsham, and is a type of sandstone with a rippled pattern on it similar to that of a beach. It is ideal for a rustic style of roof on historical houses, as it was formed around 130 million years ago in the Cretaceous Period.

Horsham Stone roof tiles have been used since the Bronze Age, and are most commonly used on churches and similar old buildings, but if your property has the right feel to it then these could be the roof tiles for you.

If you are uncertain, just ask one of our professionals and they will advise you whether to use Horsham Stone or ceramic tiles.

In the 1930s the regular quarrying of Horsham Stone stopped, but we are able to offer it as a roof tiling option because in 2004 a quarry was opened in Nowhurst, now making it available to our customers. When quarried, it comes in tiles of varying sizes, so we at Coast to Coast Roofing plane it so that each tile is flat and will fit correctly, allowing us to guarantee your roof will be waterproof.

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