Lead Roofing Solutions

Lead sheet is one of the oldest and most durable roofing materials available. If used correctly a lead roof can last without repair for longer than any other material. 

Lead has many uses in roofing including dormer tops and cheeks, canopies, gutters, flat roofs and flashings. Lead roofing can add an extra level of waterproofing to a roof with a chimney, sealing off the joints between the chimney and the roof itself and stopping water from leaking into your property.

Coast to Coast Roofing also offer a range of substitutes which are cost effective, light weight and worthless to criminals, such as Ubiflex. If you are looking to save money you should consider the one off price of these alternatives but also keep in mind the durability of lead, which could be cheaper in the long term. Though ultimately it is your choice, we will advise you on what we believe to be the best action to take.